Art Night 2016, London: Physique of Consciousness, Somerset House

Saturday 2nd July 2016
Anastasia (of fame) was among the participants in Xu Zhen’s Physique of Consciousness (link: Art Night saw events take place all over London, we also took in Film Title Poem in, a surprisingly evocative collection of film titles (just the names in appropriate styles) shot and projected on 35mm film.

The evening did not start well, with torrential downpours preceding Anastasia’s slot at 6pm. This did not stop some Londoners from warming up beforehand:

Just in time, the sun came out and I was able to take many shots. I tended to stay in one place and not move around. I moved in as close as some of the audience and onlookers, but I have not learned to get the best image at any cost just yet. Though the participants were deep in concentration, having a photographer approach with a big lens must be off-putting, and it was a very tranquil environment created by Xu Zhen.

Thus, I chose the long lens to be less intrusive. The Canon 5D and 70-200mm lens are weather-sealed, and I can confirm they still work after being soaked!

The participants went through 10 sets of exercises, instructions were read in a soothing voice, with Xu Zhen himself appearing on screen, floating serenely in the clouds.

Bianca also took part! Finally, the sun emerged to help with some good back lighting