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Month: November, 2014

Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou – Choreographer

After capturing Anastasia’s Symbiosis Piece on camera, we arranged a shoot to experiment and produce some new images for Anastasia’s website http://www.anastasiapapaeleftheriadou.com/

I always enjoy shooting dance and moving subjects, so it was a new experience to try to photograph a choreographer at work or in thought.

I set up my usual high keylight, and this time used my new Canon 50mm 1.4f lens.

This is a black and white set. I shot with Raw+JPG, as the Jpeg file provides a quick copy and the RAW preserves the original colour information. I stuck with B+W as it seemed more pleasing:

And some colour shots:

I also experimented with double and multiple exposures. I switched off the lights, removed the flash trigger and manually fired the flash mutliple times while Anastasia moved on each firing of the speedlite. Bulb mode was used on the camera for the long expsoure

Location: Space @ Clarence Muse http://clarencemews.wordpress.com/about/


Symbiosis Piece – Final Performances

Anastasia http://www.anastasiapapaeleftheriadou.com/ invited me to take some further shots at the final performances of Symbiosis Piece, after being impressed with my rehearsal shots.

With a live performance, there are extra factors to consider, namely a lack of controlled lighting and an audience!

I have filmed before at live shows, and literally been in the thick of it in one memorable ensemble piece in Totnes, Devon, a few years ago.

However, at smaller intimate venues, I am conscious of potentially causing a distraction for the audience, and the intentions of the choreographer. However, I shouldn’t have worried about it at Tricycle theatre and Limewharf. The audiences at both shows were actually very media aware and many had turned up with their own cameras.

I purchased a prime Canon 50mm f1.4 lens as I only had the 70-200mm L lens that has served me so well.

At Limewharf on Friday, Nov 15th, I took my newly purchased Phase One digital back and attached it to my Hasselblad 500CM. Unfortunately, the lack of lighting ruined the shots, but I present a few experimental efforts in black and white.

The 50mm prime lens is also great for video, and Kyveli http://kyvelia.wordpress.com/ came along as Anastasia’s videographer for the night, using a Canon 5D Mark II, frames of which are included below.

Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou – Choreographer
Dance: Martina Tavella, Amelia Skin, Elzbieta Kowalik and Jessica Haener

Some other interesting performances preceded and followed Symbiosis:
Marina Tsartsara http://www.mayflydv.com/
Genevieve Favre Petroff http://www.genevievefavre.com/