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Month: September, 2014

My photos were published online in Edge Condition. Check out the article ‘Acid House, Hacking Architecture Through Techno’

Thanks go to Merijn Royaards and Andrew Walker.


My first Andromeda Photo

Here’s a quick comparison between a good telescopic view of M31, aka the Andromeda galaxy, and my quick attempt while in Cornwall on a starry night. Also visible is M32 (visible in the reference image as a slightly brighter star-like spot bottom right) and M110, above and to the left – in my image it’s the fuzzier patch.

In future, I should take a series of images and try ‘stacking’ them using DeepSkyStacker http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/index.html


Cornwall 2014

I had a week off work and travelled to Cornwall with Perry, and met up with Amy! We spent most of the time surfing (!) so there wasn’t much opportunity to take photos. I have a fear of ridges so cried off climbing and snapped some shots of the proper scrambles.

We had a couple of clear nights and I managed to take my first shot of the Andromeda galaxy!

Acid House – Installation

Acid House is an audio-visual, robotics, 3d-printed, laser installation by Merjin Royaards. Andrew Walker saw some of my photo work and asked me to help shoot the installation, put together at a property in Camden. Kate Gilbert popped along to observe and not get hit by a proboscis!