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Month: August, 2014

La Jetée – mood

Some inspiration for eyewear in a shoot, cf. The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy


Results from my first pack of film

Finally! I scanned some of the best (and worst) negatives from my first 6 rolls of Portra 400 film. The scanner was a bit scratched so I had to perform some repair work in Photoshop. The film holder would only scan two at a time, so it’s quite a slow process.

Thoughts: film photography definitely has its charm, but it is not cost-effective yet (buy film, process/print, scan, enlarge)

Rapid Eye – Film Processing, London

I dropped off 3 rolls of 120 film in Shoreditch at this little lab at 79 Leonard Street http://www.rapideye.uk.com/ . The shoot with Kyveli finished at 5pm but I’d forgotten how packed the Jubilee line is at that time, so I missed the processing guys after 5.30pm. A friendly chap took my details and rolls of film. He was overseeing some kind of workshop or appraisal with a photographer and her work in large prints hanging on the walls.

I phoned up the next day, and they had already processed my rolls for collection at 4.30pm, though I had to pick them up on Monday as I was leaving for an early weekend on Friday.

The results of the film part of the shoot were interesting, I shall upload the scanned results soon…

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 22.43.06

Figoura LDN – Greek Dancing – 22nd July 2014

Kyveli introduced me to Figoura LDN’s Greek Dancing Classes at RADA! I didn’t want to ruin it by joining in so I was kindly given permission to take some photos on the night of the End of Year celebration. Thanks go to Jack Iacovou @ Figoura LDN